We started our company to help special forces operators STAY in the FIGHT.  With the help of a few Delta Force friends, we created products that performed like nothing on the planet.  Instantly, the Marines Special Operations Command and all 3 Raider Battalions grabbed us, and the Navy SEALs soon jumped on as well. Now our products are used by deploying units, in mountain warfare training, in Ranger school, in basic training/boot camp, in the grueling multi-day military competitions, and in the human performance clinics across all of the special operations commands.  


In the civilian world, our products have taken off like a rocket - from ultra-runners, to rock climbers, to mountaineers, to ruckers and folks who just need to prevent nasty blisters from breaking in sneakers, boots, cleats, dress shoes and heels.


And with all this success, we have managed to stay focused. We have maintained our true north. Because we share a set of beliefs, which we live every day.


We believe in being prepared. Like, really prepared.  


We believe in pushing ourselves. In testing our limits. In doing something a little scary, that takes us well out of our comfort zone.


We believe that elitism is wrong. We strive to be accessible to everyone.


We believe that excuses suck. Show up and do the work. And don’t phone it in. Fully commit to the task, project, to the person and to yourself.


We believe that quitting sucks. Never quit. Never. Reassess. Revise. Pivot if needed. But never f’n quit.


We believe there is no shame in falling down, only in the failure to get back up.


We make our products for those who share these beliefs.


STAY in the FIGHT.


David Fox