Is this really what is supplied to the military? Am I purchasing the same thing they use?

We have been a military supplier for 5+ years. What you purchase from this site is exactly the same as what we supply directly to special forces teams, school houses – like Army Mountain Warfare School and the Airborne & Ranger Training Brigade, and deploying units. The only difference is the outer ziplock bag is slightly different.

How long will the tape last/stay on/perform?

That depends upon how well you follow the instructions included in the kits. On average, you should expect 2-3 days of wear as a blister preventer, and 4-5 days of wear for musculoskeletal/human performance scenarios. For example, the 25th ID field-tested Friction Shield in Jungle School in Hawaii, and recorded 3.25 average days of wear in that ultra-wet environment. Best Medic and Best Ranger competitors wore it for 4+ days for human performance during these grueling - constant movement competitions.

Your results may vary, but these are reasonable expectations. If your personal experience is different, contact us, and we’ll help you figure out what is going on.

How is this different from commercial-grade kinesiology tape brands?

The concept is the same, but the execution is vastly different. We use a military-grade adhesive, the highest-grade cotton, and infuse it with a special blend of spandex. Combine that with our included skin cleaners and special pre-cuts, and the result is a product that out-performs anything on the market. There is a reason why special forces teams, which can choose anything in the world to use…choose Combat Ready.

How is this different from moleskin?

If you use moleskin you will likely agree that it doesn’t stay on very long, it tends to pop off or slide off when you get sweaty or wet, is thick and very noticeable inside a boot or other footwear, can’t be used well on other parts of the body, and since it doesn’t stretch – can actually be the cause of some of blisters you are trying to prevent.

We use a military-grade adhesive. Our product stretches and moves with you as your skin flexes. And our product is incredibly thin/low profile. Try our products side-by-side and we bet you’ll never use moleskin again.

How is this different from commercial-grade blister preventers?

People say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Not long after we launched Friction Shield, copycat products started showing up. But nothing…nothing...performs like Friction Shield. No one has a stronger adhesive. Many of the copycat products don’t have any stretch in their material….which will actually often cause the blister you are trying to prevent. The copycats don’t come with skin cleaners. Etc. Etc. Don’t waste your time or money on the copycats. Use what the special forces use. Use what the most elite climbing guides recommend. Use what world-class ultra-marathoners use. Use Friction Shield.

Do you offer discounts to active duty military, law enforcement, fire/EMS/SAR?

We do. Contact us at info@combatreadytape.com and let us know your unit/LE/team and we’ll hit you back with an unpublished code.

Are you hiring?

There are no full-time positions open at the moment. (updated 5 SEP 19)

But we are growing fast. Feel free to contact us at info@combatreadytape.com and we will start a file. We often need to hire locally to help staff our events. If you are interested, please email us your hometown/large metro that you’re closest to.