Bataan Gear Drop Sweepstakes

To celebrate our 4th year sponsoring the Bataan Memorial Death March and supporting the participants, we have put together the ultimate gear giveaway!   This is a dream gear drop sweepstakes.  For the grand prize - you can win a GORUCK Rucker, GORUCK #30 Ruck Plate, a year supply of COMBAT READY tape, COMBAT READY Swag, a belly-full of GHOST Protein products, a fist full of DripDrop ORS sticks….and….we will cover your 2022 Bataan Memorial Death March registration fee.   And additional winners will be chosen for 2nd & 3rd place prizes.


This is a grand prize worth more than $2000!   And a total gear drop worth more than $4000!


You could win everything needed to train for, crush, and recover from epic rucks.