Precut Tactical Body Tape Strips – 7.5cm width x 15cm length of strip, (3" x 6")


Each pack comes with 16 strips, but keep in mind – this is a 2-pack item…so you will receive 32 strips.


Use this pack to recreate the DELTA kit (1pc needed.) You will also need a 7.5cm x 30cm roll.

Bulk Pack - 3" x 6" Strips (2-Pack)

SKU: BP-3x6
    • 3" wide x 6" long pre-cut strips
    • This kit does not come with skin cleaners
    • Ziplock packaging keeps everything dry, clean, and organized
    • 6 mil packaging material keeps the kit safe at the bottom of your pack-ruck-go bag.
    • 5"x8" flexible and flat packaging fits easily in your cargo pockets, quick access pockets, and glove compartment
    • 2.5oz per kit is a feather-light addition to your pack. In fact, dump the moleskin and other subpar products, and the weight of this kit could be a net-save.
  • No returns, refunds nor exchanges. However, we will do everything possible to make sure you have an excellent experience. Contact us and together we'll find a solution.