GORUCK World Rucking Championships - Special Offer


For those about to RUCK...we salute you.  Be prepared for ANYTHING.  


The Rucking Kit is specifically designed to address every blister, hotspot, and chaffing scenerio a rucker could experience.  This kit is stuffed with an almost ridiculous amount of Friction Shield tape.

  • Long and wide strips to prevent raw skin from your pack moving laterally as you move.  These strips can also be used to prevent back fatigue like our BRAVO kit.
  • Wide pieces to protect your waist, traps/shoulders, groin, arms and lats
  • Mid-size pieces for your achillies, ball of foot, hands, etc
  • Small pieces for toes and nips.


Each kit comes with 22 Friction Shield strips/pieces, plus 10 alcohol pads to clean your skin, and 2 large skin prep cleaners for large areas like your back/waist.


Field tested at the Best Ranger Competition, Best Sniper Competition, Best Medic Competition and Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon.  And now part of the Marines Recon Challenge!


$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
    • This is a special 2 pack.  You will receive 2 FRICTION SHIELD RUCKING kits
    • Ziplock packaging keeps everything dry, clean, and organized
    • 6 mil packaging material keeps the kit safe at the bottom of your pack-ruck-go bag.
    • 5"x7" flexible and flat packaging fits easily in your cargo pockets, quick access pockets, and glove compartment
    • 3oz per kit is a feather-light addition to your pack.  In fact, dump the moleskin and other subpar products, and the weight of this kit could be a net-save.
  • No returns, refunds nor exchanges.  However, we will do everything possible to make sure you have an excellent experience.  Contact us and together we'll find a solution.