Don't Let Blisters & Hotspots Ruin Your Look. The FRICTION SHIELD Badass Woman Pack is Your SECRET WEAPON!

Prevent blisters with FRICTION SHIELD Foot Care pre-mission long-range blister preventer and hotspot shield.


Woman's footware can be so punishing on the feet - walking and standing in heels and sandals - boots and flats without socks - hikers or new shoes... Your feet can take a beating. FRICTION SHIELD is the best solution on the planet.


Don’t let something as preventable as blisters ruin your look, ding your confidence, or sap some of the joy from the day.


Our material is ultra thin, with a super sticky adhesive. It is easily to apply, lasts all day, and stays on when wet.  Choose from 3 colors - Tan/Beige (nude), Medium Brown, and Black.


Adopted by the world’s most demanding military units, ultra-runners, ruckers, and mountaineers. Tested and adopted during 2019 & 2020 SEC Summer Sorority Recruitment! This is ESSENTIAL equipment! Use when breaking in new footwear and when chewing up the miles.


FRICTION SHIELD is the secret weapon for women when wearing heals, dress shoes, and when going sockless in footwear.


This is a 2-pack purchase. You will receive 1 Foot Care kit and 1 GO-PACK…


Each FRICTION SHIELD Foot Care kit comes with 32 precut tactical body tape pieces specifically designed/sized to protect your feet, The Foot Care kit focuses on providing protection for your toes and small areas on your feet. This is especially appropriately sized for smaller sized feet. Each kit also includes 10 alcohol swabs and step-by-step application instructions.


Each FRICTION SHIELD GO PACK comes with 11 precut tactical body tape pieces and 4 alcohol swabs, and is sized to secretly fit inside your handbag.


This is a must have for the home, car, and go bag!


*** This kit is not appropriate for protecting large areas on the body (like groin, waist, lower back, etc.) Turn to our FRICTION SHIELD Full Body kit or Rucker Kit for those scenarios.

FRICTION SHIELD - Badass Woman Pack

    • This is a 2-pack purchase! You will receive 1 Foot Care Kit and 1 Go Pack Kit.
    • Ziplock packaging keeps everything dry, clean, and organized
    • 6 mil packaging material keeps the kit safe at the bottom of your pack-ruck-go bag.
    • 5"x7" Foot Care Kit and 4” x 5” Go Pack flexible and flat packaging fits easily in your handbag, cargo pockets, quick access pockets, and glove compartment
    • 1.2oz per Foot Care kit and .5oz per Go Pack - is a feather-light addition to your pack. In fact, dump the moleskin and other subpar products, and the weight of this kit could be a net-save.
  • No returns, refunds nor exchanges. However, we will do everything possible to make sure you have an excellent experience. Contact us and together we'll find a solution.

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