We typically ship orders within 24 hours of the order being placed.  When shipping to a residential address, we recommend you select the US Postal Service as they are often the least expensive and still provide a tracking #.

If you need the order quickly, consider selecting Priority Mail from the Postal Service.  It is often only a few dollars more and gets there in approx 2 days.

For domestic/US shipments: note that it often only costs $1 or so more to ship 2 kits rather than 1.  And maybe just another $0.50 to go from 2 kits to 3 kits.  Just a heads up.


We are experiencing a glitch with the backbone shipping app during ordering.  We do ship to APOs.  When entering your shipping info, please enter:

- NAME: Your Name as Normal


- STREET: Your Unit info as you would typically enter for shipping to you


- CITY: APO AE (as example)


- STATE: Delaware

(arbitrary but select this State)


- ZIP: Your correct zip for your APO

This workaround will make it happen until the software is fixed


No returns, refunds nor exchanges.  However, we will do everything possible to make sure you have an excellent experience.  Contact us and together we'll find a solution.